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Management Diploma

 Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Do you want…

  • A comprehensive postgraduate business program from a world-class university?
  • A one-year postgraduate program that will prepare you for work in business anywhere in the world?
  • Paid training in a business field?
  • No GMAT requirement?
  • No management experience requirement?

For students who hold a bachelor’s degree in any area, the PGDM is a comprehensive exploration of the issues of management in a global business environment that gives students the opportunity to combine academic study, intensive practical experience and paid on-the-job work experience.
The program is structured into three 10-week sessions, concentrating on the latest management practices and strategies. Study is full-time, combining lectures and interactive discussion, case studies and site visits to Southern California corporations and other places of professional interest. Participants have the opportunity to network with professionals from around the world and are provided maximum exposure to American business practices.


Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

 Postgraduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) Program
(10-week) PGDM
Part I

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
Part II
Specialization: Marketing or HR 0r Leadership

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
Part III
Specialization: Marketing or HR 0r Leadership

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

 Fundamentals of Business Management
Module 1 – Global Human Resource Management
Module 2 – Global Marketing Management
Module 3 – Multinational Financial Management
Module 4 – Managing Change and Technology
Module 5 – Strategic Management

Postgraduate Certificate in Management
Students who successfully complete the five required modules of the Fundamentals of Business Management are eligible to receive a University of California, Riverside, Postgraduate Certificate in Management (PGCM). 
The Certificate Program is the first part of the diploma program and is offered in five 2-week modules. Participants can take one or more individual modules or the full certificate program. Certificate graduates are not eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT).


Internship Program
Participants who successfully complete the 10-week Postgraduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) program may enter the 10-week Internship Program which provides unpaid job placement in an company In your country

Upon completion of the Fundamentals of Business Management, students continue for two additional quarters of study. Students can choose a specialization in Marketing or a specialization in Leadership or a specialization in HR. Students who plan to attend an MBA program in the United States can choose a specialized MBA track within the Leadership option.

Marketing (2 quarters)

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Research
  • Advertising and Promotion Management
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Strategic Electronic Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Social Networks
  • Global Marketing
  • New Product Development

Leadership (2 quarters)

  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Strategic Management
  • Leadership, Power and Influence
  • Ideation – Creativity and Innovation for Entrepreneurs
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Acumen
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Project Management Essentials
  • Lean Principles and Practice
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Managerial Accounting (MBA track)
  • Business Statistics (MBA track)
  • Managerial Finance (MBA track)
  • Organizational Behavior (MBA track)

Optional Practical Training (OPT)
Students who successfully complete the full academic requirements for the PGDM may be eligible for up to 12 months of temporary employment

Experienced Instructors
Courses are taught by faculty and business professionals, giving real-world business practices and insight into the most current global business practices.

Program Highlights

  • Three 10-week intensive academic sessions
  • Specialty areas in Marketing or Leadership or HR
  • Offered winter, spring, summer and fall
  • No GMAT requirement
  • No management experience required
  • One-year paid Optional Practical Training (OPT)
  • Study with professionals from many countries

• For students who hold a bachelor’s degree in any academic area (or equivalent combination of academic and management experience)