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IPM Seminars 2012-2013


2012 DATES


Advanced Process Risk Assessment & Risk Management 5-9 August Sharm el-shikh
Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages 12 -16 August Cairo
Budgeting, Planning & Management Reporting 19-23 August Dubai
Supply Chain and Inventory Management 26 – 30 August Kuala Lumpur
Management Reporting for Decision Making 2-6 September Ankara
Public Relations & Corporate Communications 9-13 September Cairo
Quality Assurance and Quality Control 16-20 September Doha
Managing Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction 23-27 September Dubai
Mastering Finance and Accounting 30 September -4 October Dubai
Advanced Management 7-11 October Cairo
Surface Facility Production Operations 14-18 October Kuala Lumpur
The HR Management MBA 21-25 October Doha
The Project Professional MBA 28October -1 November Ankara
The Finance & Budgeting MBA 4-8 November Doha
The Strategic Buyer MBA 11-15 November Dubai
Effective Supply Chain Management 18-22 November Dubai
Developing Emotionally Intelligent Management & Leadership Strategies 25-29 November Cairo
Contract Cost and Price Analysis 2-6 December Doha
Leadership and Management Skills for Supervisors 9-13 December Doha
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control 16-20 December Abu Dhabi
Mastering Human Resource Management 23-27 December Cairo
Financial Data Analysis (Certified Financial Analyst) 30 December – 3 January Cairo
The Strategic Buyer 6-10 January Dubai
Project Management, Scheduling & Compliance: Planning, Scheduling & Control 13-17 January Sharm ElShikh
Maintenance Management: Developing & Enhancing Maintenance Strategies 20 – 24 January Cairo
Contracts Administration: From Award to Completion 27 – 31 January Ankara
Advanced Planning & Budgeting 3-7 February Dubai
Developing Effective Talent Management Strategies 10-14 February Dubai
Process Plant Start-up and Commissioning 17-21 February Kuala Lampur
Maintenance Auditing, Benchmarking & Improvement 24-28 February Cairo
Mastering Management Skills 3-7 February Doha
Financial Risk Management & Corporate Governance 10-14 February Doha
Mastering Management and Leadership Skills 17-21 February Abu Dhabi
Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting 24-28 February Dubai
Training Co-coordinator Workshop 3 March  - 7 March Cairo
The Office/Department Coordinator 10-14 March Cairo
Budgeting, Planning & Management Reporting 17-21 March Doha
Project Management: Tools and Techniques 24-28 March Abu Dhabi
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 31 March – 4 April Dubai
Advanced Contracts Management 7-11 April Cairo
Advanced Contracts & Project Management 14-18 April Cairo
Process Troubleshooting and Problem Solving 21-25 April Abu Dhabi
Mastering Team Leadership Skills 28April – 2 May Dubai
Maintenance of Process Plant and Equipment 5-9 April Doha
Risk Assessment within Production Operations 12-16 April Ankara
The Practical Leader 19-23 April Cairo
Advanced Project Management 26-30 April Abu Dhabi
Contracts Administration: From Award to Completion 2-6 June Dubai
Best Practices for Driving & Measuring Corporate Performance 9-13 June Dubai
The Contracts & Purchasing Master class 16-20 June Dubai
Financial Management for Projects & Contracts 23-26 June Abu Dhabi
Recruitment and Selection: Methodologies & Techniques 30 June – 4 July Doha
Purchasing Management Master class 7-11 July Doha
Innovative Leadership Competencies 14-18 July Doha
Treasury and Cash Management 21-25 July Cairo
Leadership & Management Skills for the 21st Century 28 July- 1August Cairo
Contracts, Procurement & Partnering 4 August – 8 August Cairo
Corporate Social Responsibility 11-15 August Sharm ElShikh
Advanced Maintenance Management 18-22 August Cairo
The Effective Human Resources Administrator 25-29 August Doha
The Effective Accounts Assistant 1-5 September Doha
Office Management & Effective Administration Skills: The 5-Day Office Professional MBA 8-13 September Doha
Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting 15-19 September Cairo
Leadership Vision and Organizational Reality 22-26 September Cairo
Coaching for Performance 29 September – 3 October Dubai
Budgeting, Planning & Management Reporting 6-10 October Dubai
Supply Chain and Inventory Management 13-17 October Dubai
Documents and Records Management Compliance 20-24 October Abu Dhabi
Engineering Procurement & Construction Services 27-31 October Abu Dhabi
Advanced Negotiation, Communication and Presentation Skills 3-7 November Ankara
Customer Service Excellence 10-14 November Ankara
Project Scope and Requirements Management 17-21 November Ankara
Enhancing Leadership Presence – The EQ Perspective (Projection, Control & Connection) 24-28 November Ankara
Understanding Commercial Contracts 1-5 December Cairo
Mastering Finance and Accounting 8-12 December Cairo
Employee Empowerment & Engagement 15-19 December Cairo
Advanced Contracts Management 22-26 December Cairo
Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering 29 December – 2 January Doha
Budgeting & Cost Control 4 January – 9 January Doha
Logistics & Transport Management 12-16 January Cairo
Systems Thinking in Analyzing Problems 19-23 January Cairo
Time Management & Personal Effectiveness 26-30 January Cairo
Management Excellence Master class 2-6 February Kuala Lampur
Compensation Packages and Salary Structure 9-13 February Kuala Lampur
Financial Controller Master class 16-20 February Kuala Lampur
Purchasing Negotiations Workshop 23-27 February Kuala Lampur
Conflict Resolution Skills for Project Professionals 2-6 March Ankara
Advanced Maintenance Planning 9-13 March Ankara
Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Excellent Leadership 16-20 March Ankara
The Advanced Coaching Certificate Program 23-27 March Doha
Contract Management & Tendering 30 March – 3 April Dubai
Plant Reliability: Modeling, Analysis and Prediction 6-10 April Dubai
Warehouse Operations & Inventory Control 13-17 April Dubai
Essential Skills for Effective Training 20-24 April Abu Dhabi
Management of Contracts & Contract Claims 27 April – 1May Abu Dhabi
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 4-8 May Abu Dhabi
Power Generation: Gas Turbines, Co-Generation, Combined Cycle Plants, Wind Power Generation and Solar Power 11-15 May London
Business Planning: Practical Strategies for Organizational Success 18-22 May London
Improving Personal Effectiveness: Performing Effectively as an Executive – Now and in the Future 25-29 May London
Master class for Administrative Professionals, Secretaries & PAs 1-5  June Cairo
Advanced Customer Service Management 8-12 June Cairo
The Effective Executive: Trends & Strategies for the Future 15-19 June Ankara
The Customer Service & Public Relations Master class 22-26 June Ankara
Advanced Process Risk Assessment & Risk Management 29 June – 3 July Dubai
The Effective Accountant 6-10 July Dubai
Quality Assurance and Quality Control 13-17 July Cairo
Mastering Supervisory Skills 20-24 July Cairo
Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages 27-31 July Cairo
The 5-day Contract Professional MBA 3-7 August Cairo
The Art of Strategic Management 10-14 August Cairo
Project Leadership 17-21 August Cairo