Over the past two decades there has been a marked acceleration
in the growth and development of sport. It has become a major economic factor around which the most diverse interests are centered or intertwined. However, sport has also been a victim of inequality. Certain disciplines
are more attractive than others. Economic realities vary from one country to another, making the matter of sport management difficult.
The primary objective of this program is to provide advanced skill based short learning courses that focus on selected areas within the management of sport. In so doing the course aims to offer students important tools they can use to enhance the manner in which they manage their federation, their association, their club, or their company in accordance with the realities of Turkey and its neighboring countries.
Part I: Developing the Fundamentals

Chapter 1: History of Sport Management
Chapter 2: Research and Inquiry
Chapter 3: Ethics in Sport Management
Chapter 4: Managing Employee Diversity in the Sport Industry

Part II: Structure and Policy

Chapter 5: Functions of Management
Chapter 6: Organizational Theory and the Study of Sport
Chapter 7: Sport Governance
Chapter 8: International Sport Governance
Chapter 9: Managing the Facility
Chapter 10: Basic Law Applied to Sport

Part III: Economics and Finance

Chapter 11: Economics and Sport
Chapter 12: Accounting and Budgeting
Chapter 13: Financing Sport

Part IV: Marketing

Chapter 14: Sport Marketing: Strategies and Tactics
Chapter 15: Sponsorship

Part V: Professional Relations

Chapter 16: Group Decision Making and Problem Solving
Chapter 17: Human Resource Management in Sport
Chapter 18: Labor Relations in Professional Sports

Part VI: Field Experiences and Careers in Sport Management

Chapter 19: Experiential Learning Through Field Experiences
Chapter 20: Sport Management: Scope and Career Opportunities
MINI MBA certificate of completion will be awarded to class members who attend at least 80% of the 100 training hours are granted by the Management Development Institute through the College of Business Administration at Missouri State University. Recognized by the US Department.

The Management of Sport: Its Foundation and Application, 4th Edition

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