Certified Global CEO is a masters-level certification based on the MBA curriculum. The certification isnít as comprehensive as an MBA program, but more general in nature and provides a basic understanding of business administrative topics. Also, the certification costs less than $2,000 to complete, while an MBA program can cost upwards to $30,000. This certification is an excellent introduction to business administration and can help you decide whether business administration is a long term career goal you might be interested in pursuing. The Certified Global CEO Exam, coupled with a rigorous continuing education program, is at the heart of IPM certification.
topics covered in the CEO Common Body of Knowledge for Business curriculum. These modules cover

Part 1: Business in a Changing World

Chapter 1: The Dynamics of Business and Economics
Chapter 2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Appendix: The Legal and Regulatory Environment
Chapter 3: Business in a Borderless World

Part 2: Starting and Growing a Business

Chapter 4 : Options for Organizing Business
Chapter 5: Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Franchising

Part 3: Managing for Quality and Competitiveness

Chapter 6 : The Nature of Management
Chapter 7 : Organization, Teamwork, and Communication
Chapter 8: Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations

Part 4: Creating the Human Resource Advantage

Chapter 9: Motivating the Workforce
Chapter 10: Managing Human Resources

Part 5: Marketing: Developing Relationships

Chapter 11: Customer Driven Marketing
Chapter 12: Dimensions of Marketing Strategy
Chapter 13: Digital Marketing and Social Networking

Part 6: Financing the Enterprise

Chapter 14: Money and the Financial System
Chapter 15: Accounting and Financial Statements
Chapter 16: Financial Management and Securities Markets
Certified Global CEO certificate of completion will be awarded to class members who attend at least 80% of the 100 training hours are granted by the Management Development Institute through the College of Business Administration at Missouri State University. Recognized by the US Department.
O. C. Ferrell, University of New Mexico---Albuquerque
Linda Ferrell, University of New Mexico---Albuquerque
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