To help managers gain an understanding of the practical elements involved in sales management. The course focuses on specific areas that will ensure the sales manager provides his or her team with focus and direction. It is crucial that sales people are made aware of the importance of their input and how it affects the overall results of the team.
This course will provide the sales manager with the necessary "mechanics" required to run a successful sales team

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Understand the difference between visions, goals and targets
• Dictate the focus of the sales team by planning for the short, medium and long-term
• Recognise the importance of setting specific objectives for both the team and individuals
• Maintain high levels of motivation within the team
• Develop a realistic and workable sales plan
PART I: Introduction to Sales Force Management

Chapter 1: The Field of Sales Force Management
Chapter 2: Strategic Sales Force Management
Chapter 3: Personal Selling Process

PART II: Organizing, Staffing, and Training a Sales Force

Chapter 4: Sales Force Organization
Chapter 5: Profiling and Recruiting Salespeople
Chapter 6: Selecting and Hiring Applicants
Chapter 7: Developing, Delivering, and Reinforcing a Sales Training Program

PART III: Directing Sales Force Operations

Chapter 8: Motivating a Sales Force
Chapter 9: Sales Force Compensation
Chapter 10: Sales Force Quotas & Expenses
Chapter 11: Leadership of a Sales Force

PART IV: Sales Planning

Chapter 12: Sales Forecasting and Developing Budgets
Chapter 13: Sales Territories

PART V: Evaluating Sales Performance

Chapter 14: Analysis of Sales Volume
Chapter 15: Marketing Cost and Profitability Analysis
Chapter 16: Evaluating a Salesperson's Performance
Chapter 17: Ethical and Legal Responsibilities of Sales Managers

Certified Sales Manager of completion will be awarded to class members who attend at least 80% of the 40 training hours are granted by the Management Development Institute through the College of Business Administration at Missouri State University. Recognized by the US Department.
Management of a Sales Force
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