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Certified Human Resources Manager CHRM

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Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM)

Certification Outline

[Day 1: An Overview of Human Resource Management]

• The changing world of business and its impact on the Human Resource Function
• Introducing Human Resource Management (HRM)
• The difference between HRM and Personnel Management
• Main activities, responsibilities and tasks of HRM
• Introducing Strategic HRM (SHRM)
• Strategic Business Planning
• HR jobs and systems
• Typical department structure – HRM department case study
• Qualifications and professional study – CIPD, SHRM, Arabic Societies

[Day 2: Performance Management in a Multi‐Cultural Organization ]

• The principles of effective performance management
• The role of HR and the responsibilities of line management in PM
• Addressing the performance gap
• Invoking the disciplinary process
• Performance Management in multi-cultural organisations
• The purpose and use of Performance Appraisal
• Characteristics of an effective Performance Appraisal meeting
• The advantages and disadvantages of 360 degree feedback

[Day 3: Recruitment, Employee Resourcing & Reward ]

• Flexibility and introducing the ‘flexible firm’
• Pay and reward, compensation and benefits
• Total reward
• The psychology of motivation
• Introduction to reward
• Recruitment and selection
• Assessment and development centres
• Exit procedures and exit interviews

[Day 4: Workplace Conflict & Working with Troubled Employees]

• Managing employee problems
• Stress Management
• Counselling services & Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)
• Equality of opportunity & employee diversity
• Bullying & Harassment
• Workplace Conflict
• Managing conflict at work
• Introducing workplace mediation

[Day 5: HR Ethics and Training & Development]

• Human Capital Management – HR Planning
• What is learning?
• Training and Development
• Induction for new employees
• HRM Ethics
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Personal action planning
• Continuing personal development (CPD)

This intensive training seminar examines how to develop and master the key areas of Human Resource Management [(HRM)]. [HR] is changing beyond recognition from the days of the old Personnel Departments. [HR] is now recognized as a strategic source of competitive advantage and as a predictor of future business performance. This exciting program will bring you up to date on the latest techniques and approaches that are appropriate in effective management of Human Resources.
• Strategic [HRM] in the modern organization
• Employee Reward and how it influences employee behavior
• Learning & development in the 21st Century
• Performance Management in a multi-cultural environment
• The latest strategies for effective resourcing and recruitment

[Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM) ]certificate of completion will be awarded to class members who attend at least 80% of the 100 training hours are granted by the Management Development Institute through the College of Business Administration at Missouri State University. Recognized by the US Department.

[Human Resource Management] (Arab World Edition) with MyManagementLab
Akram Al Ariss, Associate Professor of International Human Resource Management at Champagne School of Management (ESC Troyes, France)
Gary Dessler
ISBN-10: 1447925289
ISBN-13: 9781447925286
Publisher: Pearson Higher Education
Copyright: 2012
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Published: 21 Jun 2012
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