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Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Masterclass

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Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Masterclass

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Boost Excel Business Intelligence (BI) expertise in data slicing and dicing, data massaging, and data modeling
  • Perform data normalization, report writing, analysis and reconciliation
  • Develop dynamic BI models, dashboards, scorecards and flash management reports by linking-up Excel with Access, Text, and other databases
  • Advance and enhance the look and feel of reports using dynamic visualization techniques

In this day and age it is no surprise for corporate staff to be overwhelmed by the abundance of unstructured data. ERPs and databases have evolved to a point where they can house amazingly large amounts of data. The question now is, what do you do with this data to add value? This program will introduce Business Intelligence (BI), hands-on, to allow you to clean, normalize, and interpret large volumes of data. You will be able to establish historical relationships, analyze the current situation and predict future strategies. The application of BI is borderless, covering operational, tactical and strategic business decisions. It spans all departments and cascades down to all users who perform data cleansing, reporting, analysis, modeling, integration and automation.

In this course we use MS Excel exclusively as an ultimate and readily available BI tool allowing you to develop an exclusive level of expertise and add immediate value to your job and company.

  • Massaging and normalizing data
  • Reporting, analysis and reconciliation
  • Interpretation of large data sets
  • Modeling and 'what-if' scenarios
  • Establishing data integration
  • Developing dynamic dashboards and scorecards
  • Designing key performance indicators

  • Data analysis tools and techniques
    • Advanced data validation using lists, dates and custom validation
    • Powerful array functions
    • Cell management tools: left, right, mid, concatenate, value
    • Naming, editing, and managing cells and ranges
    • Looking-up data, texts, and values using vlookup
    • The incredible table-tools technique
    • Slicing dates into day names, weeks, week numbers, month names, years and quarters
  • Mastering data reporting: the 19 must learn pivot-tables tools
    • Creating pivot tables
    • Number formatting techniques
    • Designing report layout
    • Sorting in ascending, descending and more sort options
    • Filtering labels and values
    • Expanding and collapsing reports
    • Summarize data by sum, average, minimum, maximum, count
    • Show values as % of total and % of
    • Pivot table options
    • Inserting formulas
    • Data analysis
    • Copying pivot tables
    • Creating pivot charts
    • Dynamic chart labeling
    • Mastering the slicer
    • Showing report filter pages
    • Linking pivot tables and pivot graphs with PowerPoint
    • Conditional formatting with pivot tables
    • Designing reports using the getpivotdata
  • Data modeling and integration
    • Spinner
    • Check box data modeling with if function
    • List box data modeling with choose function
    • Scenario manager
    • Linking Excel with text files
    • Linking Excel with databases (Access)
    • Linking Excel with Excel
  • The look and feel: charting and visualization techniques
    • Creating dashboards
    • Using the camera tool
    • Using fancy fonts
    • Working with Sparkline’s
    • Creating unconventional